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The Costumes of Wicked: Elphaba's Costumes

And now, Elphaba's costumes! :) 

In comparison to Galinda's fluffy, feminine dresses, Elphaba was seen by costume designer Susan Hilferty as being grounded, and "connected to the earth", and kept her in darker colors and patterns/textures that were like "what you would find when you crack a stone apart". For more pictures and in-depth costume analysis, look at Galinda's Wardrobe - incredible details pictures!

Shiz Uniform

This outfit is worn in the scene where we first meet Elphaba and during "The Wizard and I" and "Something Bad" numbers. In contrast to Galinda's white outfit, Elphaba has a plain navy blue dress with an asymmetrical hem, brown lace up boots, a blue jacket with black trim, and a blue "beanie" hat. In the beginning she wears her hair in a plain braid over her shoulder. 

She removes the jacket for the Ozdust Ball and the "Popular" number...

And later, during "I'm Not That Girl" after she's been "galindified", she wears a white jacket with a floral pattern, and wears her hair down. 

Emerald City Dress

For their trip to the Emerald City and the "One Short Day" and "Defying Gravity" numbers, Elphaba wears a simple Victorianesque black gown, consisting of a black top with a high neck, buttons down the front, puffy leg-o-mutton sleeves and a pointed bodice, and a full black skirt. She also wears black boots and her iconic pointy black hat that Galinda gave her in the Ozdust Ball scene. 

During "Defying Gravity", Galinda gives her a cape, which is used to blend in the lift used to help her fly at the end of the number.

Act Two Dress

For Act Two, Elphaba has become more mature, and as such, they add more contouring makeup and give her an elaborate gown. The fabric for the bodice is not actually one fabric, according to an interview. It's as many as twenty, cut into pieces no bigger than three inches and quilted together. The ruffles in the skirt of Elphaba's dress require forty yards of fabric to complete, and it takes one person two weeks to sew the entire dress together.

She also has a cape she wears with it, as well, of course, as the pointy hat.

Here's a picture of the skirt...crazy, isn't it?!

She also has a simple v-neck black dress she wears *SPOILERS* after she melts/at the curtain call, but there's not really any pictures.

Coming up next...the secondary characters and ensemble! 

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Joy W. Doering said...

I also officially want that skirt! It's amazing how much detail goes in to one costume that most people probably don't even notice. It's gorgeous.