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The Costumes of Wicked - Galinda's Costumes

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So a while back I was doing a bit of research on Glinda's Bubble Gown worn in the first scene and the last half of Act 2, and I came across a fantastic website that dealt with the costumes of Wicked. What I found was absolutely fascinating, so I thought I'd share, so you could see some of the amazingness (and as a nod to what this blog was originally for...hehehe).

We shall start with Galinda. :) According to The Grimmerie, "when designing Galinda's costumes, costume designer Susan Hilferty did research asking little girls what they thought goodness looked like. The girls said goodness was like a princess or a bride. She studied pictures of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana's wedding dress, and dresses that were emblematic of "perfect femininity". She has said that Galinda is connected with the sky, sun, and stars. That was used in the influence of making her wand and crown as well as the sparkles on her dress."

The Bubble Gown:

The first gown we see Galinda in is commonly referred to as "The Bubble Gown", and it's the stage equivalent of the iconic pink gown in the film The Wizard of Oz when she - duh - arrived in the bubble. Get it? Got it? Good.

Arguably the most intricate and elaborate of all of Galinda's gowns, there are nine different fabrics used in the making of the gown, and 25 different kinds of sequins. Who knows how many thousands are used on each's amazing.

Like all costumes, there are variations on the costumes for each country - the Broadway gown has a scooped neckline while the West End version has a sweetheart, for example. Variations also include how many petals are on the gown and how big they are, different beadings, etc. Some country's productions have different costumes all together, which is interesting.

This is the original version worn by Kristin Chenoweth. It's more off-the-shoulder than later gowns, and the skirt is less poufy and has scallops instead of actual petals. Personally, I prefer the updated US version. :)

As I mentioned, the West End's has more of a sweetheart neckline...

And now for an indepth analysis...(thanks to Galinda's Wardrobe...go to the link for closeup pictures!)

The crowns vary based on country, but they're some variation of rhinestone snowflakes. The Bubble dress wig is always blonde and curly. 

The collar is attached with beaded straps to the bodice, which is corset-like and is curved at the bottom in the US costumes and comes to a point in the UK and Australian costumes. The sleeves and upper bodice are covered in several different colors of sequins coming to a point. 

The skirt is covered in five layers of petals. The size and quantity of petals depends on the production. The petals are covered in waves of sequins.

Again, go to the Galinda's Wardrobe link for some gorgeous close-up shots! Isn't the gown amazing?

There are, as I said, a few productions where the costume is completely different. In Finland they have a goddess-looking outfit...

But then later in the production, she does have a bubble-like gown that actually more resembles the film costume...

And the Copenhagen production has a completely different look as well...

The Shiz Gown

Worn when Galinda and Elphaba first meet at Shiz University, the original school uniform was a white dress with a jacket. 

Here's a pic without the jacket...

The updated versions are a blouse, vest, and knee-length skirt with a jacket and hat that are removed for the "What Is This Feeling?" and "Dancing Through Life" number.

The Popular Gown:

The gown worn during the Ozdust Ballroom and the "Popular" number, it's corset-like pink dress with layered ruffled skirt.

The original version had pink ribbon diagonally on the bodice and more ruffles than the present version.

The present version's bodice is actually made with pink material with tiny stripes in it.

Emerald City Dress

Worn when they visit the Emerald City and during "One Short Day" and "Defying Gravity", the original production's gown has a yellow corseted bodice and a handkerchief-hem skirt with curlicues on it.

The current production's dress has a much more elaborate bodice and skirt detail. 

Thank Goodness Gown

The gown she wears when she wins the election and announces her engagement (during the...surprise..."Thank Goodness" number :P), this gown is really cool, IMO, and hasn't really changed from the original production. Made of a blue brocade with green beaded trim, it's a jacket and skirt set, and the entire jacket is asymmetrical. It has one long sleeve, a diagonal row of buttons, asymmetrical collar and hem, and one mesh rhinestone-studded glove. She also wears a perky fascinatoresque hat.

Engagement Ball gown:

This gown gets barely any stage time, as it shows up during the engagement ball, when they discover Elphaba is back, and during the "I'm Not That Girl" reprise. Pictures are few and far between, but it's kind of a sea-green color and similar to the Bubble dress, except the petals are only on the back and sides, and it has a sometimes lace, sometimes sheer panel in the front. The bodice has beading down the front and is sleeveless, and it has a snowflake crown similar to the Bubble gown as well. 

Whew! :) Another post on Elphaba's costumes and mayyybe the rest of Oz coming up next! :) Aren't Galinda's costumes gorgeous? Would *love* to wear them!!!


Hayden said...

seriously, I LOVE her outfits. Especially the Thank Goodness and Shiz gowns. And the bubble one, of course ;)

Joy W. Doering said...

I seriously love the Copenhagen gown! I mean, the whole ensemble- the gloves, the feather, her hair. Just, wow. Probably my favorite of all the different gowns you posted.