Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ally the Blogger and the Big Announcement

This is Ally. She lives with her family, the Family with the Big White Van. She is a good little blogger (except when it comes to actually blogging on a regular basis), but she is always curious.

One day, someone named Miss Dashwood left a comment on Ally’s blog. Ally was curious. She always liked to find new blogs to read. So she clicked on the link, and it led to a new blog, Yet Another Period Drama Blog. It only took a few posts to figure out that she liked this blogger very much, even if she wasn’t actually the Miss Dashwood. You know, Emma Thompson. :P

Over the next few months, Ally read and read and read Miss Dashwood’s posts, and commented and commented and commented. And Miss Dashwood discovered things like The Scarlet Pimpernel and Les Miserables (kinda thanks to Ally, but she likes to be modest about it :P), which made them even more friendly. And Ally discovered Aaron Tveit and learned to tolerate Jane Austen, quite by accident. And stuff like that.

And then one thing led to another, and Miss Dashwood asked Ally if she would like to email her. Ally was curious. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Or Miss Dashwood could discover that she really was completely crazy. Should she do it? Yes, she did.

And she discovered how awesome Miss Dashwood was. She was witty, she was sweet, and she knew as many movie/musical references as Ally did. And her name was actually Amy. Over many, many, many emails and many, many, many phone calls they became even better friends, and best of all, Ally discovered that contrary to what she had always thought, you don’t have to see eye-to-eye on everything (Jane Austen, cough) to be besties. But a mutual adoration of certain blonde singers doesn’t hurt, either. Ahem.

Which all led to Ally thinking about broaching the subject of visiting. Ally was curious. Would Amy want to break the illusion of online friendship and meet in person?

Yes, she did.


Alllllllllllll that to say, after months of talking and talking and thinking and planning, we are ACTUALLY MEETING in February!!! I anticipate a week of incredibleness, let me tell you. We have so much planned, and late nights are pretty much guaranteed (because how is it a sleepover without late nights?!). Also much giggling and fangirling over People, I’m sure. And singing, lots of singing. And I plan to introduce her to a few of my favorite films that she has not yet had the pleasure of enjoying, and she is introducing us to a few really awesome games. At least that’s the plan. Also expect her to come back understanding allllllllllll the Sherlock references. Just sayin’. ;)

And to say that I’m excited is, really, a complete understatement. Seriously, Amy has been such a wonderful friend, coming into my life just when the Lord knew that I needed a shot in the arm, needed a reminder that there are people who will be your friend without judging you, and like you just the way you are. I’m so grateful for her, and so, so, so, so, so, so, SO thrilled to be meeting in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J I’m sure we’ll try and get a post (or a vlog? And everyone says, um, when you haven’t even finished posting your vlogs from EIGHT FREAKING MONTHS AGO, ALLY?!) up. And lots of pictures and stuff coming forthwith and forsooth and so on. And read her announcement...because IMO, it is much wittier and more hilarious than mine. Because she is cool like that. Also because it is loaded with Certain Singer Pictures and GIFs. Because that's just how she rolls, peoples. Like, totally awesome in all areas and that right verily. 

So that’s my news! Also I’ve had a hectic but awesome last few months…Thanksgiving was incredible, we had an awesome Christmas party, and I’ve been frantically Christmas shopping. Also for the girls’ Christmas present, we’re all going to see Beauty and the Beast tomorrow! CANNOT. WAIT. And then I’m going with a friend to see a local production of A Christmas Carol – a yearly tradition for moi – this weekend. And then try to find sometime to see Frozen (ADORE “Let It Go”!!!!) and Catching Fire before Christmas, hopefully. Sheeeeeeeshes. :D

If I don’t make it back on here before Christmas (which, I know, is highly likely)…Merry Christmas! Hope your holidays are going amazing! J


Miss Dashwood said...


Also, the Curious George stuff is epicness.

*major mucho hugs*

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!

Miss Dashwood said...

Oh, and also I am SO SUPER OVER THE MOON EXCITED about being able to FINALLY get all the Sherlock references. Squeeeeeeee. :D

Anne-girl said...

AND SHE WILL SEE SHERLOCK WITHOUT ME!!!!!!!!!! Sobs inconsolably. But you two will have an awesomeness sauce time and I'm so happy for you.

Isabella said...

OH MY WORD, OH MY WORD I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! First off I am very excited for you girls to finally meet each other, and second because I am going to be there too! There are many advantages to being Ally's younger sister :) I am so excited for all the awesome things you girls are planning to do, and yes believe me Amy, if you spend the night with Ally it's a GUARANTEE you will be staying up ALL night! But if wouldn't be any fun if you didn't right? :D CANNOT WAIT!!! Oh and Ally I love all the Curious George lines :D

Rissi said...

Oh, wow! This is awesome, girls. So happy for you two. Hope you have a wonderful time.

...and Merry Christmas, Alexandra. Hope your holiday season is blessed.

Molly said...

YOU'RE BOTH GOING TO HAVE SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!!! I will miss Amy but I know she will be in good hands! Have fun watching Sherlock!!!!!

beastsbelle said...

Hi Ally! So good to hear from you.

How exciting that you and Amy get to meet. I hope you have a wonderful time together. :)

I'm so happy that you get to see Beauty and the Beast!! It's one of my very favorite stage plays (for obvious reasons). ;)

I wondered if you would be seeing "Frozen" since Idina is in it. It's an AMAZING movie. I've already seen it twice. The acting, the singing, the music, the animation, the story...everything comes together to make a wonderful film. I'm ready to see it again!! ;)

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! :)

Miss Jane Bennet said...

WOW THIS IS SO EXCITING I'M SO HAPPY FOR BOTH OF YOU!!! Congratulations, and here's hoping the 62 (now 61) days just fly by!!!

Hayden said...

Congratulations to you both (and really, Amy, I'm becoming quite jealous of're getting to meet everybody! simply not fair;)

Oh, Beauty and the Beast is AMAZING! The dancing number in "Gaston" is one of my favorites.

Merry Christmas!

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness!!! That is so amazing for you both!!!! I hope I'll be able to meet my blogger friends one day just like you and Amy get to! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Hannah said...

I love that you've introduced Miss Dashwood to so many amazing things. You should feel very, VERY proud of those accomplishments! :D

I've seen Catching Fire & Frozen and they're both utterly fantastic! I hope you'll love them as much as I did. And I have to admit I am seriously jealous of you for getting to see Beauty and the Beast live. I would love to see the stage version someday!